Source code for innoconv.ext.generate_toc

Extension that generates a table of contents.

A table of contents is generated from the course sections and added to the
:class:`Manifest <innoconv.manifest.Manifest>`.

from os.path import split

from innoconv.ext.abstract import AbstractExtension

[docs]class GenerateToc(AbstractExtension): """Generate a TOC from content sections.""" _helptext = "Generate a table of contents." def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): """Initialize variables.""" super(GenerateToc, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs) self._output_dir = None self._current_path = None self._language = None self._toc = [] def _add_to_toc(self, title): path_components = self._splitall(self._current_path) path_components.pop(0) # language folder if not path_components: # skip root section return children = self._toc while True: path_component = path_components.pop(0) child = None for check_child in children: if check_child["id"] == path_component: child = check_child break if not child: child = {"id": path_component, "title": {}} children.append(child) if path_components and "children" not in child: # add children list, except in leaf nodes child["children"] = [] if path_components: children = child["children"] else: break child["title"][self._language] = title @staticmethod def _splitall(path): """Split path into directory components.""" all_parts = [] while True: parts = split(path) if parts[1] == path: all_parts.insert(0, parts[1]) break path = parts[0] all_parts.insert(0, parts[1]) return all_parts # extension events
[docs] def start(self, output_dir, _): """Remember output directory.""" self._output_dir = output_dir
[docs] def pre_conversion(self, language): """Remember current conversion language.""" self._language = language
[docs] def pre_process_file(self, path): """Remember current path.""" self._current_path = path
[docs] def post_process_file(self, _, title, content_type): """Add this section file to the TOC.""" if content_type == "section": self._add_to_toc(title)
[docs] def manifest_fields(self): """Add `toc` field to manifest.""" return {"toc": self._toc}