What is innoConv?

innoConv is a converter for educational content.

The software transforms source content into an intermediate JSON representation that can be displayed with the help of an innodoc-compatible viewer.

It takes plain-text files as a source. These are written in the Markdown language and stored in a particular directory structure reflecting the sections and subsections of the work.

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Check out the addtional documentation to see how a real course looks like.


Common features as basic text formatting, links, tables, lists, etc. are already provided by Markdown out-of-the-box.

While staying as close to traditional Markdown as possible innoConv supports a variety of additional constructs. Many of them are targeted specifically at the creation of educational content.

These include

  • Localization

  • Math formulas

  • Images and videos

  • Interactive exercises

  • Vector graphics

  • Table of contents

  • Inter-section references

  • Index


innoConv is a part in the software package innoDoc. It handles the translation of source content to the an intermediate JSON represenation.

innoDoc overview

Overview of the innoDoc software architecture.

innoConv does neither have any busisness with how content is displayed nor helps in its creation. Instead it leaves these tasks completely to others in the processing chain.

See also

See section Content creation for a in-depth discussion on how to write course content.


At the moment there are two viewers in development.


React-based HTML5 web application


React Native-based Smartphone App


Configuration and deployment of viewers is not the scope of this document. Please refer to the respective documentation.