innoConv extensions.

Extensions are a way of separating concerns of the conversion process into independent modules. They can be enabled on a one-by-one basis as not all features are needed in all cases.

Extensions interface with InnoconvRunner through a set of methods defined in AbstractExtension.

innoconv.ext.EXTENSIONS = {'copy_static': <class 'innoconv.ext.copy_static.CopyStatic'>, 'generate_toc': <class 'innoconv.ext.generate_toc.GenerateToc'>, 'join_strings': <class 'innoconv.ext.join_strings.JoinStrings'>, 'tikz2svg': <class 'innoconv.ext.tikz2svg.Tikz2Svg'>, 'write_manifest': <class 'innoconv.ext.write_manifest.WriteManifest'>}

List of available extensions